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How to Plan a CHA Tour

Planning a CHA tour begins with a group leader. Teachers are the leader of their classrooms and are the best candidates for leading a tour for their students. If you are interested in leading your own CHA tour, here’s how to get started:

Getting Started

The first step in planning your own CHA tour is a toll-free call to 1-800-323-4466. Our dedicated team of CHA Tour Counselors share a love for traveling and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of tour planning and are ready to help you select the best tour for your group and to give you advice as you make your decision to travel.

Selecting Your Tour

CHA has over 110 pre-designed itineraries to destinations throughout Europe and the Americas. Selecting a tour that best suits your classroom curriculum as well as your group’s interests will assure the success of your trip. Once you’ve reviewed your options, call your CHA Tour Counselor with one or two tour choices along with your preferred departure date and departure city.

CHA recommends that you pick a tour for your group or give them a few choices. The more focused you are at the start, the more quickly you’ll recruit travelers. Once you’ve selected a tour or tours, review the pricing with your CHA Tour Counselor over the phone. We can also prepare and send you a detailed tour quote, or you can create your own tour quote quickly and easily on our website using our convenient My Tour Quotes feature.

Promoting Your Tour

Once you've selected your tour, you're ready to start spreading the word about your trip. Getting an early start on recruiting your group is the best way to increase your group size. CHA recommends that you introduce the idea of traveling to your students as early as the first or second week of the school year. (Some teachers even begin planning a year or two in advance!)

Begin promoting your tour in your school community. Start by gathering interest among students, parents and other teachers. Hold a meeting where you can give out enrollment materials and tour itineraries. (To order the items you'll need for your meeting, call CHA at 1-800-323-4466.) During your meeting, pass around a sign-up sheet to create a list of potential travelers with their telephone and email contact details. Before ending your meeting, give parents a deadline date for making their decision, especially if you are taking advantage of one of CHA's special enrollment offers.

For instructions on enrolling your group, click here.

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