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CHA educational tours are even more affordable when travelers take advantage of our special enrollment offers and promotions:

Book Early for 2022 & Save Up to $350!

If you're ready to begin planning an educational tour for 2022, CHA is offering three great ways your group can save on our regular 2022 tour prices by taking advantage of our early enrollment deadlines below:

• Save $300 on 2022 prices when you enroll by 05/30/2021
• Save $200 on 2022 prices when you enroll by 08/30/2021
• Save $100 on 2022 prices when you enroll by 10/30/2021

And, as an added bonus, if you select one of CHA's Value Tours, your travelers will receive an extra $50 in savings! View our complete collection of 2022 Value Tours by clicking here.

Whether you recruit your group in the spring, summer or at the start of the new school year, CHA's 2022 early enrollment deadlines give you extra time to plan your tour while offering generous savings to your students. And CHA tour prices include all air-related taxes, fees and surcharges, so they are guaranteed not to increase before you travel.

Enhanced Flexibility Options & Security Coverage for 2022

Book early for 2022 with confidence with CHA’s enhanced tour flexibility and security coverage. From our risk-free enrollment period to tour and date flexibility, CHA gives you peace of mind to change your mind before you travel. And, if the unexpected happens and CHA cannot operate your tour due to travel restrictions, CHA’s Included Travel Security Coverage will kick in to offer your group a variety of back-up plans to choose from. For complete details, click here.

Special Free Gift for Groups Who Enroll Early

As a special gift, each traveler who enrolls on a 2022 CHA tour by October 30, 2021 will receive our handy Airport Organizer. This hands-free travel wallet will hold all of your travel essentials including your passport, boarding passes, cash and credit cards. Use our Airport Organizer along with your CHA backpack for added convenience and security at the airport and during your tour.

Earn More Rewards When You Plan Ahead

Besides the savings and security of CHA’s 2022 Early Enrollment Plan, group leaders will have the opportunity to earn a variety of free benefits including a few extra special rewards only available to those group leaders who plan ahead. To learn more, click here.

Get a 2022 Tour Price Quote Online

To start planning your 2022 tour, search our collection of over 110 itineraries online and create a detailed tour price quote for your group from your choice of over 60 U.S. departure cities by clicking here.

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